middle school

Tim’s AMAZING assembly for middle school audiences is filled with magic, drama, life stories, comedy and audience participation.

Throughout the show Tim CONNECTS with students as he speaks on:







from Bystander to UPstander -- standing UP for others!

Outstanding job getting students involved! Strong Message! Highly Recommended!
George Gouriotis
Principal, Medinah Middle School

Tim is not only an award-winning magician, but also an accomplished stage actor with a BA in Communications. 

He draws on these skills to deliver an assembly experience with impact. 

Using entertainment & involvement, he connects with kids and challenges them to life a life of caring for others, respect, and doing what’s right.

The BEST assembly we've had in all my years as principal!
Travis Johnson
Principal, Coal City middle school
Great show and great message! The kids (and staff) loved it!
Dr. Daniel C. Pierson
Principal, summit hill jr. high

what the show is not

Tim’s show is not a “scare kids to death” type of show filled with suicide statistics, stories of being hooked on drugs, etc. Instead, Tim takes a positive uplifting approach that will long be remembered!

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