middle school virtual show

Live :: Interactive :: Customized

How are your students doing with the "new normal?"

Middle schoolers, staff, and their families are all longing for human connection right now…

and we can help!

Watch this short video and imagine your school family coming together for an event full of amazement and inspiration.

In Tim Hannig’s Middle School Virtual Assembly, he presents his award-winning close-up magic… just inches from the camera!

EVERYONE has a front row seat to the action, and the fact that it’s live and interactive makes it an edge-of-your-seat experience.


Tim is in real time, interacting with YOUR students, staff & their families.


Everyone experiences the show from home via a private link. We can handle all the tech from our studio using facebook, zoom, youtube, etc. (We can also work with your tech if necessary.)


Audience members take part in the show from their own homes in various ways. EVERYONE gets to be a part of the fun.


Do you have a message you want delivered?
keep working hard kids!

Is there something unique about your school?
motto, pledge, PBIS, Bucket fillers, etc.

Whatever it is, Tim will work your elements into his show seamlessly!

Watch how Tim connects with middle school students… and all ages!

Every audience member will now feel close to the action, as Tim performs right to the camera.

For 24 years schools have counted on Tim to deliver high quality shows… and this online show is no different!
This is NOT like watching a pre-recorded video. The fact that it’s live and interactive makes all the difference.
Educators and families are LOVING this show and all the creativity and heart behind the production.