Two shows

100% different

Serving your school in two different ways.

Customized Daytime
Virtual Assembly

A GIFT for your teachers… they can show it anytime they want within a 7 day period!

Tim Hannig’s virtual show connects with kids through his award-winning magic, comedy, music, puppets & audience involvement. Tim customizes the show for each school so that it features YOUR school lingo, and they love it that he’s “in the know” with what’s happening at your school. 

Just like Tim’s in-person shows, this is fast-paced, fun & interactive… AND uses audience participation! You can present the show to the entire school at once, or let each teacher decide the best timeframe for their day.

LIVE Virtual
Family Night Show

Bring EVERYONE together at the same time for Tim’s amazing COMMUNITY-BUILDING show.

Your school community comes together for an LIVE event full of fun and inspiration.

Kids, families & staff are all longing for human connection right now… and Tim’s show brings everyone together for a fun, hilarious & uplifting evening.

your school staff stars IN THE FAMILY SHOW!

Tim will perform a magic trick with digital photos of staff members from your district that appear on screen.
Everyone at home participates and chooses a teacher.
Magically, Tim knows who they chose!
To everyone's surprise, that teacher appears on screen with a special message:

Staff does not need to be present at the show.

When I saw that Tim was offering a virtual show, I had to book him. The event was wonderful and was perfect for bringing our families together.

What a great show!

Jeff Modaff

Principal, Grace McWayne Elementary, Batavia, IL

What a great way to bring our families together in the evening from the comfort of their own home. Tim put in the EXTRA EFFORT to collaborate with our school and incorporate teacher pictures, teacher videos, school vision and mission topics and overall make it entertaining and FUN! 

We just had the show last night and we have already heard so many positive comments from teachers, students and families.

Highly Recommended!

Ashley Dougherty

Assistant Principal, River Woods Elementary, Naperville, IL

After we experienced Tim’s new VIRTUAL SHOW, I asked him to create and deliver some customized video content for our school families. 

His expert communication and entertainment skills are top notch, and we were once again thrilled with the results!

Alan Buttimer

Principal, Westview school, Wood Dale, IL

Two Different formats
to serve your school

daytime assembly


Each show will include magic, music, comedy, and audience involvement. We can also work your school lingo into the show.


We will prerecord segments using your principal and students. Each school will see students participate from their own school. There are also moments where EVERYONE interacts in some way.

easy for the school

We will provide a webpage for each school with their virtual assembly video embedded. Easy to watch at home, at school, or even on a classroom screen.

more fun to come!

At the end of the show, Tim will get the students excited about his totally different LIVE Family Night Show happening that evening.

live family show


Tim is in real time, interacting with YOUR school family audience. The show will happen in a secret online page just for your school. If someone can't make the show "live," they can watch the show at their convenience, as it will stay online for 7 days.

We handle all the tech from our studio, making your job EASY.


Audience members take part in the show from their own homes in various ways. EVERYONE gets to be a part of the fun..

Throughout the show, viewer comments will be highlighted on screen in the production. Not only does this build community, but it makes it easy for viewers to interact.

We get hundreds of comments per show which really makes it a personal experience and gives viewers a since of belonging.


Do you have a message you want delivered?
keep working hard kids!

Is there something unique about your school?
motto, pledge, PBIS, Bucket fillers, etc.

Whatever it is, Tim will work your elements into his show seamlessly!

From the moment your principal appears on screen to introduce the show, everyone will know that this is a special event just for your school

The messages, the interaction, and Tim's Teacher Illusion all make it a unique experience that is meant to build community and family fun.

Mannheim District 83

Let’s work together to bring some joy and community to your students, staff, and families!

I guarantee that during these crazy times, my shows will be a welcome break for some laughter, inspiration, and togetherness.

 Here’s the scoop:


Custom Recorded Daytime Assemblies: $1,250 per school

  • 45-55 minute Custom Recorded Daytime Assembly
  • Each show will include audience participation from that school
  • The audience participation will be recorded ahead of time, after which our video editor will put the show together just for each school.
  • The shows will be age appropriate. (MECC, elementary buildings, Middle School)
  • Teachers will be able to show the assembly to their class whenever they want that day. 
  • The show will remain online for 7 days.

Family Show: normally $1,450 for one school

You can have the family show for your entire district for only $850

Extremely discounted since you are having the daytime show in all of the schools.

  • 60 minute Pro-Kids Family Show — (totally different experience from the daytime show)
  • THREE interactive magic routines that involve EVERYONE watching at once 
  • Includes the “teacher magic trick” where we will introduce the Superintendent to everyone in a magical way
  • all materials to help promote the show to your families
  • GIFT FOR EVERY FAMILY: “Pro-Kids-At-Home Magic Class” for EVERY family in your school district. This will be presented as a gift from your schools. “We are so excited to have your family as part of the show tonight, so we have a surprise for you. After the show, the fun isn’t over! Every single family will have access to Tim’s online magic class, where you will learn 4 tricks with things you have around the house!” 
  • We will make sure everyone has their show in time to experience this all on the same day. Kids will remember this experience for a long time!
  • If anyone misses the evening show, this will also remain online for 7 days.
Customized Daytime Assembly for each school
Family Show for entire district


Since everything is virtual, we can get this booked, promoted, and performed in a very short time frame. (No need to worry about building usage.)

My Virtual Pro-Kids Shows are meant to be a FUN event for kids, teachers and families to give them:

  • a mental break.
  • a sense of belonging
  • human connection
  • inspiration and FUN!

If everything looks good, let’s talk soon to get your dates on the calendar.





With Many Thanks,





P.S. You’ll always be talking to me directly, and I can’t wait to work with you.
call/text: 815-274-9662