your weekly customized video broadcast

The world is filled with bad news.

Give your school a regular dose of good news.

What if your school could have a new PRO-KIDS video each week that was fun, customized, and helpful?

Let’s give your kids and families some GOOD NEWS.

Let’s think about this school year from a kid’s perspective.

It’s just not as much fun, is it?

Whether learning remotely or in-person, COVID has changed things.

Social distancing and online learning… it’s all just tough.

Think of it as your morning announcements, only this would be your once-a-week (or once a month) broadcast.

If Tim ever had his teaching degree, I would hire him on the spot. The way he communicates and connects with kids is perfect.
Doug DeLaughter
Principal, peifer school, schererville, in

As always, we'll capture attention with magic, music, comedy, puppets & clever scripting.

includes segments such as:


Positivity that hooks the kids right away. 

They see THEIR school, so it’s clear this is JUST FOR THEM. 

We want them to know they still have a place to belong.

your school pledge

We’ll lead your school pledge each and every episode, encouraging kids to exceed school expectations.

word from the bird

This of this like SNL Weekend Update. 

Do you have important information to get out to families? Vern will deliver the info in a fun & memorable way.

word of the month

Don’t take a COVID good character break! Remind students all month long about what’s important at your school. 

We’ll use your definition and lingo and craft magic & stories that support the message.


Instead of blasting out another parent email, do a quick video interview with Tim or one of the puppets. This could be a weekly principal interview… or feature anyone from your school!

student of the week

Have a student you want to recognize? 

Get us the details and they’ll be thrilled when they are featured in GOOD NEWScast. 

Parents will get to see it, too!

exercise of the week

We’ve had P.E. teachers who wanted to use our broadcast to challenge students with the exercise of the week. 

We can feature anyone from your school who “catches the vision” for what is possible with this broadcast!

mental health minute

Does your social worker have a tip to share? 

This broadcast can be a key component to keep your students “on track” educationally, emotionally, and physically.

This is not your normal news,
and your school is going to love it.

messages delivered through entertainment

Just like our live shows!

easy & effective

Little work for you with maximum impact.

Builds community

Staff & students look forward to our weekly videos!

increases sel & mental health

Designed to give kids a sense of unity & belonging, motivating them to do and be their best in all areas of life.

Tim connects with kids — they love his magic, his puppets, and how he never talks down to them. He treats the kids like equals, and they know that he cares.

Does this take a lot of time on our end?

No, not at all.

We handle the video production and the scripting to keep it fun and engaging.

We’ll work with one liaison at your school to get us the info we need to customize the broadcast.

When interviewing for special segments, we pre-record, normally via zoom. This should take about 15 minutes of the educator's time. We'll take it from there so that it's broadcast-ready.

is weekly the best format?

That’s our recommendation to really make this a part of your school culture.

Show the broadcast at the same time each week, and your students will look forward to the consistent content.

Of course, we can also do this bi-weekly or even monthly.

Can we still have the live shows?


When PRO-KIDS becomes a bigger part of your school culture, the kids will be even more excited when Tim appears live for a virtual or in-person show.