Two shows that are 100% different
many schools book both!

Customized Daytime
Virtual Assembly

A GIFT for your teachers… they can show it anytime they want within a 7 day period!

Tim Hannig’s virtual show connects with kids through his award-winning magic, comedy, music, puppets & audience involvement. Tim customizes the show for each school so that it features YOUR school lingo, and they love it that he’s “in the know” with what’s happening at your school. 

Just like Tim’s in-person shows, this is fast-paced, fun & interactive… AND uses audience participation! You can present the show to the entire school at once, or let each teacher decide the best timeframe for their day.

LIVE Virtual
Family Night Show

Bring EVERYONE together at the same time for Tim’s Amazing and uplifting show!

Your school community comes together for an LIVE event full of fun and inspiration.

Kids, families & staff are all longing for human connection right now… and Tim’s show brings everyone together for a fun, hilarious & uplifting evening.

When I saw that Tim was offering a virtual show, I had to book him. The event was wonderful and was perfect for bringing our families together.

What a great show!

Jeff Modaff

Principal, Grace McWayne Elementary, Batavia, IL

Two Different formats
to serve your school

daytime assembly


Each show will include magic, music, comedy, and audience involvement. We can also work your school lingo into the show.


We will prerecord segments using your principal and students. Each school will see students participate from their own school. There are also moments where EVERYONE interacts in some way.

easy for the school

We will provide a webpage for each school with their virtual assembly video embedded. Easy to watch at home, at school, or even on a classroom screen.

At the end of the show, Tim will get the students excited about the totally different LIVE Family Night Show happening that evening.

more fun to come!

At the end of the show, Tim will get the students excited about his totally different LIVE Family Night Show happening that evening.

live family show


Tim is in real time, interacting with YOUR school family audience. The show will happen in a secret online page just for your school. If someone can't make the show "live," they can watch the show at their convenience, as it will stay online for 7 days.

We handle all the tech from our studio, making your job EASY.


BAudience members take part in the show from their own homes in various ways. EVERYONE gets to be a part of the fun.​.

Throughout the show, viewer comments will be highlighted on screen in the production. Not only does this build community, but it makes it easy for viewers to interact.


Do you have a message you want delivered?
keep working hard kids!

Is there something unique about your school?
motto, pledge, PBIS, Bucket fillers, etc.

Whatever it is, Tim will work your elements into his show seamlessly!

From the moment your principal appears on screen to introduce the show, everyone will know that this is a special event just for your school

The messages, the interaction, and Tim's Teacher Illusion all make it a unique experience that is meant to build community and family fun.

your school staff stars IN THE FAMILY SHOW!

Tim will perform a magic trick with digital photos of staff members from your district that appear on screen.
Everyone at home participates and chooses a teacher.
Magically, Tim knows who they chose!
To everyone's surprise, that teacher appears on screen with a special message:


Does a virtual show work?

Tim has been doing these shows since April 2020, and not only are they working, but schools are LOVING the show.

If kids are having fun, they will be engaged. “Screen fatigue” does not apply here.

Is there a message?

Yes, but Tim doesn’t “commentate,” instead, he COMMUNICATES. It’s not like a lecture, as no one likes to be lectured to. Tim communicates through stories, acting, and even while bantering with his funny sidekick, “Vern the Bird.” The messages in the Daytime Assembly have to do with respect, responsibility, and doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Of course, the evening show is filled with more family fun and positive messages.

do we have to work about technical issues, zoom-bombing, or anything like that?

No! The Daytime Assembly is custom recorded. Trust us… for the school day, it’s better. If you’ve seen Tim’s “in-person” shows, you know there’s never a SECOND of downtime. 

When trying to do a show “live” during the school day, it’s awkward trying to get volunteers, deal with technical issues etc. 

We want this to be EASY and STRESS-FREE for you. We will deliver the show a day ahead of time so that you can easily show it in the classroom or for remote learners. 

The Family Show is live-streamed into a secret page just for your school.

can you incorporate our messages?

Tim has performed over 5,500 school shows, and he strives to make each show personal to the school. Are you doing PBIS? Character Counts? The leader in me? Bucket fillers? Growth Mindset?

Whatever it is, Tim will find out ahead of time and work that into your show in a fun and entertaining way.

Do you always use volunteers?

Tim loves to feature your principal, social worker, students, etc, in the show to make it more exciting for your school.

For the daytime assembly, we schedule a video call a few days before the show, and Tim records the amazing things that happen with the pre-chosen volunteers. He’s then able to seamlessly include those in the production.

The Daytime Assembly still feels “Live,” but is better because Tim is an expert video editor and he cuts out anything that would lose the attention of his audience.

The Family Night Show is LIVE and kids and parents are able to interact and volunteer in real time.

are the two shows the same?

No, they are 100% different!

The daytime assembly is 45 minutes long and is custom recorded to make it super-easy for any school to implement into their day.

The family night show is 60 minutes long and is performed LIVE.

Because everyone is watching at home, we don’t have to worry about school firewalls or technical issues.

Tim uses kids & adults throughout the show, and we highlight audience comments on the screen all throughout the show. People love that!

We have performed dozens and dozens of school family night shows since April, and they are always a hit and really build the feeling of “community.”

is it like watching youtube?

No! The shows are customized for your school and include volunteers FROM YOUR SCHOOL in the show. 

The shows feel every bit as real and in the moment as our “in-person” shows.

what if a someone can't view it at showtime?

We leave both shows up for 7 days, so that everyone has a chance to watch and re-watch the show. (Yes, we’re told that many students go home and watch it again.)

will they want to watch both shows in the same day?

Yes! This has been our model for over 25 years, and here’s why it works:

Because the kids LOVE the first show, they want to tune in to see the NEW show that same night.

We get a huge virtual turnout for the family show.

During the Daytime Assembly, students love the hilarious antics of Tim’s puppet sidekick, Vern the Bird. 

At the end of the show, Tim promises that “Oscar T. Possum” will be appearing that night, and that seals the deal! : )

do we have to have both shows?

No, of course not. 

You can have either show on it’s own, but they do work very well together and instead of a show, it becomes a day long “event” that is very exciting for the kids.

After we experienced Tim’s new VIRTUAL SHOW, I asked him to create and deliver some customized video content for our school families. 

His expert communication and entertainment skills are top notch, and we were once again thrilled with the results!

Alan buttimer

Principal, Westview school, Wood Dale, IL

Tim is ready for in-person shows when it's time.

This video shows the kind of feedback he gets for his in-person Assembly & Family Night Show!

Every audience member will now feel close to the action, as Tim performs right to the camera.

For 24 years schools have counted on Tim’s Pro-Kids Show to deliver high quality shows… and his online shows are no different!
Educators and families are LOVING the shows and all the creativity and heart behind the production.