Virtual School Assembly
Virtual Family Show


Entire districts are booking Tim's virtual shows.

Here's a recent tweet from a middle school Asst. Principal:

An elementary teacher sent the principal this message during their virtual assembly
on Jan 13, 2021:

Teacher: First of all, LOVED the assembly. One of the best I’ve seen! Secondly, I wanted to share the message that Lincoln’s mom sent me.(See attachment.)  YAY to all of us!

Here's the message from the mom to the teacher:

Virtual Assembly for Elementary schools

Tim Hannig’s virtual show connects with kids through his award-winning magic, comedy, music, puppets & audience involvement. Tim customizes the show for each school so that it features YOUR school lingo, and they love it that he’s “in the know” with what’s happening at your school. 

Just like Tim’s in-person shows, this is fast-paced, fun & interactive… AND uses audience participation! Tim has made this super easy to host with no technical issues.

Virtual Family Night Show

Tim’s Pro-Kids VIRTUAL Family show is LIVE, interactive, and customized.

This is a great community-building event for your school, as families come together virtually and experience the show together. 

Throughout the show, everyone participates as magic happens through the screen and in their very own hands. Not only is it great fun for the whole family, but also includes a great message about being a PRO-KID!


over 5,500 school appearances!

AMAZING! Tim’s VIRTUAL SHOW was a great way to bring our families together in the evening from the comfort of their own home. Tim put in the EXTRA EFFORT to collaborate with our school and incorporate teacher pictures, teacher videos, school vision and mission topics and overall make it entertaining and FUN! 

We just had the show last night and we have already heard so many positive comments from teachers, students and families.

Highly recommended!

Ashley Dougherty

Assistant Principal, River Woods Elementary, Naperville, IL

the pro-kids virtual assembly & family show will help your
students with:

social & emotional well being

mental health

character ed

building community

all while adding some FUN to their school year!


Now more than ever, kids need fun & inspiration.

The Pro-Kids Show will be the best part of their week.