Kansas City news anchor changes the whole focus of his story! 

Tim was recently hired to present his school show at a conference for magicians. 200 kids were bussed in from a local school, and the conference attendees watched Tim perform for them.

After the show, the kids left and Tim lectured about his philosophy of working with children and family audiences. 

The local news had planned to do a story on the magicians conference, so they sent the evening news anchor to Tim’s show to get a few clips. 

However, the reporter enjoyed it so much that he not only stayed for the whole show, but then decided to change the focus of the story. Instead of reporting about the magicians conference, he decided to talk mainly about Tim’s show & career!

After the show, he even drove 15 minutes to the elementary school to do a follow-up interview with the teachers that had just experienced the event. 

Conference organizer David Sandy says some very nice things in this news segment. (Calling Tim “the best in the country” and that Pro-Kids is “like a Broadway show!”)

The graphic in the piece says David is a “local magician.” Well, he’s quite a bit more than that!!

He has produced numerous shows nationwide including many award-winning shows in Branson. He is also the former president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians! Thank you, David!

Here’s the piece:

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