How We Work

The Pro-Kids Show is unique for many reasons, and this is one of them! We use a simple, effective three step approach.


First, the Daytime Program

Happy kids & teachers at the show!

This 45 minute show is full of music, magic, stories & comedy, and throughout it messages about respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and many other character qualities are communicated via the entertainment and involvement.The students are “doing” not just “viewing”. This show in itself is highly motivating, & even the teachers have a great time!

(Please note: Although it is a high-energy fast-paced show, the kids DO NOT return to class that way. The Pro-Kids Show Dismissal is led by Tim, & the children leave VERY quietly. You have to see it to believe it.)

Read more info on Tim's 2016-17 program - Seeds of Character!


But The Pro-Kids Show doesn’t end there…

Classroom Poster & Teacher’s Guide

New posters & teacher’s guide every year!

A discussion/activity is distributed among the teachers for classroom follow up. This is where “the rubber meets the road.” Teachers now have an in-depth opportunity to discuss what the students saw in the program. The guide also gives ideas & suggestions for group activities & projects, and includes a poster for each classroom as a reminder of the show’s messages. Teachers tell us that they refer to the poster during class when character issues come up.

But The Pro-Kids Show doesn’t end there either…

The Family Night Event

The family night show is the climax of the Pro-Kids Show!

Hilarious fun with 3 dads on stage!

It is held at your school the same evening as the assembly program. The kids are SO EXCITED after seeing the Daytime Show, and they beg their parents to return!
This one hour Family Night show is completely different from the assembly, yet it has all the same high class production values. For this show, we request that the audience is seated as families…after all…it’s Family Night! One first grader described our Family Night Show as “a Las Vegas Show for kids!”This show is filled with inspiring music, magic, and hilarious comedy that will have everyone laughing like they haven’t laughed in a long time.

Always a big crowd at the Family Night Show!

The end of the show has some very touching messages that remind parents of the important role they play in their kids’ lives. Even these strong messages are delivered in a subtle way using music, magic & drama.

Parents love the messages, and the whole family is entertained the whole way through! We hear comments like this all the time.

“We weren’t planning on coming until today, when our son came home from school SO EXCITED about the assembly he had just seen. He was BEGGING us to come back to the Family Night Show, and I’m so glad we did. I laughed until I cried, and our hearts were touched by the encouraging message at the end.”


There is VERY little work to do on your part. Tim brings his own backdrop curtain, sound system, props, etc.

Once the show is booked, we’ll send you two important items:

  1. An Arrival Guide: so you will know exactly what to expect when Tim arrives.

  2. A Promotional Packet: this includes a step-by-step guide on how to use the included posters, news release, letters to send home, etc.

Just follow our system that has been honed over thousands of schools since 1981, and we guarantee a great event for your school family!

If you have questions, simply fill out our easy Contact Form and we will contact you ASAP!