2013-14 Theme

Pro Kids USA


A 5th grade student laughs with classmates at the NEW Pro-Kids Show on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.


5th graders point Tim looks for a volunteer. Great entertainment that inspires kids to be PRO (people respecting others) KIDS!

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Thank you to all the schools that have Tim year after year! Here’s a brief snippet of the Daytime Assembly for the 2013-2014 school year:

If your school is doing PBIS, Character Counts, Bucket Fillers or even your own thing, Tim is happy to work your schools character message into his show.

The centerpiece routine in the show this year is 

“Super-U”, which is a hilarious routine that centers around a superhero character.
We learn what it means to “keep it REAL!“ 

Respect (yourself & others!)
Excellence (always do your best)
Appreciation (show gratitude through your attitude!)
Leadership (the first person you learn how to lead in life is YOURSELF)

We also have a new PRO-KIDS USA theme song!

Our goal with this new show is to encourage kids to take pride in their country, their school, and themselves… 

a student assists Tim in the hilarious “Super-U” skit!

– through the good choices that they make
– in showing respect and care to others
– in doing what’s right, even when no one is watching, and even when it’s not easy

We also have a new routine called “Who’s that American?” which looks at some inspiring Americans from the past who have demonstrated courage, honesty, perseverance, respect, caring, and working hard to achieve their dreams.

Another new routine shows that teachers are like magicians, and we need to work together with them so they can help us do amazing things.

Everything in the show is new… well, Vern the Bird is coming back! If he didn’t return, Tim would be in big trouble with the kids!

The New Family Night Show is also a big hit…. Tim’s “encouragement for parents” routine at the end is getting a lot of positive feedback, as well as the new hilarious routine with 4 parents on stage. (again, all new!)

Remember, the Family Night Show is 100% different from the Daytime Assembly. The audience is seated as families, as there is parent/child interaction throughout the show. Along the way, the audience laughs & learns more about being a Pro-Kid. It builds school community, brings parents “on board” with your schools character messages, and encourages parents in their roles at home. Tim always gets a great turnout for the Family Show… schools everywhere love it!

Many of the schools Tim has visited this fall have already re-booked or talked about re-booking for next year… so the Pro-Kids USA theme is another big hit!

Even teachers love The Pro-Kids Show!

Your school will love it!

Vern the Bird is always a hit!


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