We just booked 3 more shows with this fantastic principal.
(Two daytime assemblies & one family night show, all in the same day)

Here’s a pic from our family night last year, followed by the review he sent after the show:

Another huge crowd at our Family Night Show!
A Principal Reviews The Pro-Kids Show!


“We have booked the “Pro Kids Show” 2 years in a row. Both years Tim came with a different message as well as different magic tricks and lessons for the students, teachers, and families to enjoy. His show is extremely entertaining and captivates the audience.
We have had numerous assemblies in the past and none have even come close to the quality and message that this show provides. He brings a powerful and positive message that instills morals and character traits in all adults and children that attend. His ability to capture and hold the attention of the audience is remarkable. The student assemblies are phenomenal as he even dismisses them for you in a way that shows respect for the message he delivers.
The interactive family show in the evening is the best part of the program and is a MUST HAVE when booking the event. You will not be disappointed with your family turnout for the event, as students will ensure their family attends that night. Our gym has been filled to capacity during the family event both years and I find myself being asked by parents when he will return. I will definitely be having the “Pro Kids Show” return again for a 3rd time next year.”
David Kostopoulos, Principal
W.C. Reavis Elementary School
Lansing, Illinois