Grab some popcorn…. it’s MOVIETIME!

Okay, these are actually really short videos. But they’ll help you make an important decision! When you decide to book Pro-Kids, our goal is to make you the hero of your school!

  • Want a show where the performer connects with his audience?
    (watch the crowd reactions in the videos)
  • Want a performer who has a relevant & uplifting message?
    (listen to principals talk about the show)
  • Want an event that brings your school families together?
    (watch parents reactions, too!)
October 2016 Evening News

Tim is called “the best in the country” when it comes to entertaining children…”


Official Pro-Kids Promo Video

See how educators, kids & parents react to The Pro-Kids Show!

A principal shares her thoughts!

So spontaneous, very strong message, great sense of humor, we loved it!

Pro-Kids In 80 Seconds

Quick look at the FUN of Tim’s Daytime Assembly & Family Night Show.

Pro-Kids Show Montage 2009

Performance Clips from schools and as the opening act for “Jump5″.

Repeat School!

Principal hosts Tim’s show for the second time and shares his thoughts!

Pro-Kids on WGN Morning News

November 7, 2011

Chicago’s #1 Character building school assembly is featured on Chicago’s #1 Morning News Show.

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