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Wednesday January 25, 2017

60 seconds of The Pro-Kids Show!

Video Clips from live events!

60 second video — notice the crowd reactions to The Pro-Kids Show!

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Kansas City news anchor changes the whole focus of his story! 

Tim was recently hired to present his school show at a conference for magicians. 200 kids were bussed in from a local school, and the conference attendees watched Tim perform for them.

After the show, the kids left and Tim lectured about his philosophy of working with children and family audiences. 

The local news had planned to do a story on the magicians conference, so they sent the evening news anchor to Tim’s show to get a few clips. 

However, the reporter enjoyed it so much that he not only stayed for the whole show, but then decided to change the focus of the story. Instead of reporting about the magicians conference, he decided to talk mainly about Tim’s show & career!

After the show, he even drove 15 minutes to the elementary school to do a follow-up interview with the teachers that had just experienced the event. 

Conference organizer David Sandy says some very nice things in this news segment. (Calling Tim “the best in the country” and that Pro-Kids is “like a Broadway show!”)

The graphic in the piece says David is a “local magician.” Well, he’s quite a bit more than that!!

He has produced numerous shows nationwide including many award-winning shows in Branson. He is also the former president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians! Thank you, David!

Here’s the piece:

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Wednesday August 10, 2016

The review is in!

We just booked 3 more shows with this fantastic principal.
(Two daytime assemblies & one family night show, all in the same day)

Here’s a pic from our family night last year, followed by the review he sent after the show:

Another huge crowd at our Family Night Show!
A Principal Reviews The Pro-Kids Show!


“We have booked the “Pro Kids Show” 2 years in a row. Both years Tim came with a different message as well as different magic tricks and lessons for the students, teachers, and families to enjoy. His show is extremely entertaining and captivates the audience.
We have had numerous assemblies in the past and none have even come close to the quality and message that this show provides. He brings a powerful and positive message that instills morals and character traits in all adults and children that attend. His ability to capture and hold the attention of the audience is remarkable. The student assemblies are phenomenal as he even dismisses them for you in a way that shows respect for the message he delivers.
The interactive family show in the evening is the best part of the program and is a MUST HAVE when booking the event. You will not be disappointed with your family turnout for the event, as students will ensure their family attends that night. Our gym has been filled to capacity during the family event both years and I find myself being asked by parents when he will return. I will definitely be having the “Pro Kids Show” return again for a 3rd time next year.”
David Kostopoulos, Principal
W.C. Reavis Elementary School
Lansing, Illinois


Throughout the 45 minute daytime assembly, Tim challenges kids
to “plant good so they can grow great!”

Using laughter, amazement and fun, Tim will be communicating these PRO-KIDS messages to your school:

Growing Great Kids by Planting the Seeds of…

  • Looking out for others — NO BULLYING!
  • Respect & Responsibility
  • Honesty & Caring
  • Appreciating Teachers
  • We’re Different, but Equal
  • Character takes COURAGE
  • Don’t do what is easy, do what is RIGHT!

Don’t miss the best part…

In most schools, Tim returns that same night for the Family Night Show. It’s a hilariously uplifting night of community building and gives parents a chance to spend an fun and heartwarming evening with their kids… while making a better connection with the school. It’s a WIN for everyone involved

Watch this 81 second video, and pay close attention to the crowd reactions during the Daytime Assembly (kids seated on floor) and the Family Night (everyone in chairs).
You’ll see that everyone LOVES The Pro-Kids Show!


Wednesday August 19, 2015

iShow Great Character!


New School Year!

Wow! In the first month of school, Tim has 53 shows booked already. 

(This is all from repeat business and word-of-mouth. We haven’t done a mailing in years.)

Why is the show in such demand? Because schools love
The Pro-Kids Daytime Assembly & Family Night Show!

We are so excited about this year’s theme… “iShow Great Character!”

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iShow Great Character!


Thursday December 5, 2013

New video!

Our latest video includes clips from Tim’s Assembly & Family Night Show. You’ll hear educators rave about the Pro-Kids impact and see reactions from hundreds of kids and parents!

Official Pro-Kids Promo Video

See why Tim’s Pro-Kids Show is one of the most popular school shows in the Midwest!

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Thursday September 12, 2013

So what’s in the new show?


Just added a page to the website with photos and descriptions of the
New Daytime Assembly and Family Night Show!

Both shows have been getting rave reviews…To learn more about the new Daytime Assembly and Family Night Show! click the link below. We’re excited to share this news you!

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Thursday September 12, 2013

from The Metro Independent News


DIS Students get character message with a side of laughter

by Roger Starkey

Tim Hannig brought his Pro-Kids show to Collinsville for the first time Wednesday, much to the delight of Dorris Intermediate School students and staff.

DIS 6th grade teacher Brad Snow shares a laugh with Tim Hannig during the Pro-Kids show / Photo by Roger Starkey

DIS 6th grade teacher Brad Snow shares a laugh with Tim Hannig during the Pro-Kids show


Tim Hannig tells DIS students to believe in themselves / Photo by Roger Starky

DIS students are inspired as Tim Hannig does a skit about great Americans who believed in courage & doing the right thing.


DIS students share a laugh during the Pro-Kids show / Photo by Roger Starkey

DIS students share a laugh during the Pro-Kids show


DIS staff and students enjoying the Pro-Kids show / Photo by Roger Starkey

DIS staff and 6th grade students enjoying The Pro-Kids Show!

Hannig described his show as a bit magic, music, skits, acting and ventriloquism. More than just entertainment, The Pro-Kids Show incorporates messages about respect, responsibility, kindness, courage and other character messages.

DIS Principal Matt Noyes had seen Hannig perform before and thought his show would be a great fit for the character education initiative at the school this year. “His show is a perfect combination of a message the kids need to have and very entertaining at the same time,” Noyes said.

Character education is something in which Noyes firmly believes. “We, as educators, can’t underestimate our responsibility to make the students good people first and good students second,” Noyes said.

Before Hannig performs, he meets with school staff to ensure he reinforces the messages they are communicating to students. Noyes said the DIS staff is teaching that it is more important what a person is like on the inside than on the outside. The same message was delivered by Hannig to start his show.

The Pro-Kids show began in 1981. Hannig began presenting the show in 1996 and now does about 300 shows per year, many of them for repeat schools. He has twice performed at the White House.

Hannig began doing the show because the message is something in which he believes. “I didn’t want to just do magic shows, I wanted to make a difference,” Hannig said.

As Noyes predicted, the students laughed throughout the show, even as Hannig was helping the staff reinforce their character education message.


Monday August 26, 2013

Off to a running start


Between August 20th and 30th, Tim has TWENTY Pro-Kids school shows.

EIGHTEEN of these are for schools that have had him before!









We’re excited about the new Daytime Assembly and Family Night Show…
it looks like it’s going to be a great school year!



Monday August 26, 2013

80 Seconds of The Pro-Kids Show!

Filmed at an elementary school in May 2013.

You’ll see clips from Tim’s Daytime Assembly, his Family Night Show, and lots of crowd reactions!

Pro-Kids In 80 Seconds

Quick look at the FUN of Tim’s Daytime Assembly & Family Night Show.