Where Has Tim Performed?

Tim’s first White House appearance (the hair is now gone, & thankfully… so is the shirt!)

Did you know… over 2 million people have experienced Tim’s shows!

Tim Hannig has performed at hundreds and hundreds of elementary schools…. way too many to list here!

Tim is based in Chicago suburbs, and has worked in virtually every school district in the tri-state Chicagoland area. In addition, he has performed all across the USA (in 31 states), as well as in Canada and England (sadly he had to turn down the invitation to perform in New Zealand).

Outside of schools, Tim has performed for some of the largest and most prestigious family events in the USA, including many shows for The Chicago White Sox, The Country Music Association, and The White House. He also performs and speaks regularly at corporate events, many of them in the Fortune 500 (In addition, he spent 3 summers performing at Six Flags — over 900 shows!)

By the way, did you know that 80% of Tim’s school shows are for REPEAT CLIENTS? That’s right! Most of Tim’s shows come from schools that have already had him. Why?

  • Every year he changes the music, magic, and stories in the show, while still communicating the PRO-KIDS messages that are important to so many schools.
  • Kids, Teachers & Parents get excited about his annual visit. Often the oldest kids say to Tim, “will I still get to see you in middle school?”
  • Most often, we see Family Night attendance numbers go UP after the first year. People remember the great show, and they talk about it!

If you would like a list of the schools Tim performed in last year, just let us know and we will email it to you.

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